Heart of House



Claire’s culinary story is all about love and hunger. New to Chicago in 2009, the city’s expansive food scene captivated her.  Formally trained at the French Pastry School, touchstones of her work are precision and attention to detail. Her strong hunger for learning encouraged expansion beyond desserts.  Pasta, wood-fired cooking methods, local produce, cheese, and charcuterie … nothing was off limits!  No woman is an island, so over the years she cultivated close relationships with local farms and purveyors to create unique dishes that simultaneously feel close to home. 

Claire’s path to ERIS has included work at Telegraph Wine Bar, Reno Chicago, The Kitchen, Found Kitchen & Social House, and Bar Biscay.  She takes the helm as ERIS’s Chef Mom with passion and a wealth of ideas to fine-tune the menu and delight our guests.