Brew Master & Cider Maker


Hayley Shine, Lady of Liquids

Hayley Shine is the Lady of Liquid at ERIS. She crafts a dynamic line up of well balanced ciders and beers designed to delight. While her liquids philosophy focuses on drinkability, Hayley continues to innovate with ingredient selection and process to create unique ciders, beers and blends.

Hayley’s love for beer dates back to stolen sips of Corona during her early childhood in Florida. She discovered craft beer during her college days at UC Berkeley, drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale while struggling through physics problem sets. Hayley put her Bioengineering degree to use exploring the art and science of home brewing, easily becoming the most popular hippie on frat row.

After a brief stint brewing and distilling at Rogue Ales in the Pacific NW, Hayley worked for Rock Bottom Restaurants and Breweries for a dozen years. In 2012, she landed at the helm of RB Chicago, an institution with a reputation for churning out exceptional brewers. Hayley has won an impressive list of brewing awards at World Beer Cup, GABF and FOBAB. 

Hayley’s brewing experience helped launch a successful beer program at ERIS. Learning the craft of cider making was a key factor that attracted her to the project and has been an exciting challenge. All the liquids shine!