Brew Master & Cider Maker

LEFT: Joe Flores   RIGHT: Brian Walker

LEFT: Joe Flores RIGHT: Brian Walker


Joe is a Chicago native, of the south-side persuasion.  After an early career in construction, he noticed all the cool kids were getting into brewing, so started taking steps to be the coolest of them all. Rather than dabbling in home brewing, he went straight to the World Brewing Academy, earning an International Diploma in Brewing Technology from the dual campuses of Chicago’s Siebel Institute and Munich’s Doemens Academy.

His go-big-or-stay-home mindset, immeasurable work ethic, and passion were assets to Flossmoor Station and then Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI (yes, THAT Bell’s).  He eventually succumbed to Chicago’s siren call when Lagunitas came to town, as one of the original 10 brewers that opened the massive Pilsen-based brewing facility. There is no piece of equipment, process – or square inch of the place, for that matter – that he does not know intimately.  Stepping down as the Mayor of Lagunitas Chicago (as he is affectionately known), he assumes the role of Head Brewer and Cider Maker and is fired up to undertake the craft of beer and cider making at ERIS.

Brian’s Hawaiian roots contribute greatly to the diversity of ERIS’s staff. College took him to the mainland where his first foray into craft brewing was at Ballast Point, San Diego. Once back in Hawaii, he joined on at Kona Brewing Co. and was recognized as employee of the year. He then moved to Chicago – for love – but managed to land on his feet with so many opportunities in the craft brewing arena. He joined ERIS Brewery and Cider House a week prior to its opening. After holding many roles, representing ERIS at events, learning cider making, and helping earn a lot of medals, he has been formally adopted by the Liquids department. Mahalo!