About Us


Lead Staff

Michelle Foik
Force of Nature

Katy Pizza
Detail Wrangler

Joe Flores
Head Brewer

Brian Walker
Captain of Hype

Claire Smyth
Chef Mom

Vince Schiller
Episkopos / GM

Our Story

ERIS was inspired by the eponymous Greek goddess notorious for causing mayhem. As the story goes, Eris threw the golden apple of discord into a party that she wasn’t invited to, thus creating a chaotic scene as every goddess in attendance scrambled for its beauty.

So how do we make an impression in a city of over 100 breweries? By throwing an apple into the party; we are making hard ciders, too.  

Our menu strives to be inclusive of meat lovers, vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and those who observe gluten free diets. Perhaps still wounded from not being invited to that party, we want everyone to feel welcome here.  We do our best to offer a wide selection of dishes that will tempt all who cross our threshold.